3D Lipo Clinic’s Privacy Policy below refers to therapist A McCann only. All therapists marketed by us are responsible for their own privacy policies and customers using any independent therapists at our premises should liaise with them direct regarding their policies.

Name and Contact Details:
Mr A McCann
7 Childwall Valley Road
Childwall Liverpool
L16 4PB

Email: info@talkingfeet.co.uk
Tel: 0151 737 2020

Categories of individuals:

  • Clients
  • Potential Clients

Categories of personal data:

  • Contact details
  • Clients’ Health and treatment related data

Purposes of Data Storage and Processing:

  • Client consultation and treatment
  • Issue of marketing information

Retention schedules:
For a period of 2 years following opting into marketing preferences
or 2 years following the last treatment for existing clients unless request to opt out has been gained.

  • Client contact details and health information:
  • For duration of treatment
  • 10 years after cessation of treatment, for insurance purposes
  • At least 10 years after cessation of treatment of minor after that minor gains majority , for insurance purposes

General description of technical and organisational security measures:
Restricted access to client and subscriber records, manual and electronic
Procedures to ensure access to records and storage devices, both in and away from, business premises, is restricted.

Website Privacy Policy

Our website does not use cookies, however, we use capability of Google Analytics (analytics.google.com/analytics/web) to inform us of user interaction with the website. This data is only used to improve the performance and usability of the site. If you feel any data is particularly sensitive, then please make arrangements to discuss this in person.